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Unanticipated Opportunities: Author Update

So last time we talked, I was sharing about my querying endeavors as I search for a literary agent who can help me connect with a publisher. I'm happy to announce ... I'm still plodding along in this process. But while I've stressed over whether to start my query with a one-liner hook and go all business or to do a paragraph summary of my 119k word novel, God's been gently reminding me that all I am and have -- including my writing -- are in His capable hands.

Last month, an Atlanta-based magazine (which I had never heard of) contacted me asking for an interview. They'd read a small piece I'd published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and wanted to hear more about my past and present projects. (Yes, please!)

Then today, my son informed me that when you punch my name in the Google Images search box, one of the results is a quote of mine on a backdrop I never designed. Apparently, someone liked something I'd posted (probably on FB) and shared it on their own website. (Yay! Someone likes my writing!)

Are these little victories the same as achieving my ultimate goal? No, but they are like twinkling stars as I wait for the sunrise.

Overall, I'm encouraged to see that faithfulness in small things can lead to unanticipated opportunities. If I hadn't taken the time to write my little story for Chicken Soup for the Soul (and cross my t's and dot my i's so it would be worthy of their consideration), this magazine would never have wanted to interview me. So it just goes to show you never know what little thing you say or do will impact another person.

We're not called to save the world, but we can still change it through the little things: a silent prayer, a simple smile, a listening ear, an act of thanks, or a single word of encouragement.

This power to make a difference can cut both ways. I know I've done and said things -- things I don't even remember -- that have caused harm. But this season of Christmas is a great reminder of why we can have hope outside of our personal performance. We're not good enough to reach up to God, so He came down to us. He was born in a stable, lived a perfect life, died for my disobedience, covered my imperfection, and rose for my justification. And God's Spirit empowers His people to shine in a darkened world.

And just in case anyone's interested in reading the article, here's the link:

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