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Great news!

In September 2023, I signed a book contract with Bandersnatch Books  for my cozy murder mystery series! 

First book comes out in summer 2025! 

In the meantime, enjoy my other books in print. 

Don't Settle.jpg


People often think if they can just find the "perfect person" they will live happily ever after. But God astounded Jason and Katie by showing them that being a part of His story is far more romantic than pursuing any personal fairy tale. 


After battling a stubborn case of hiccups, Billy turns to the quirky (yet brilliant) Dr. Hickerup for a cure. Once inside the doctor’s office, Billy begins a medical quest to discover which of the five hallway doors holds the answer to his hiccuping problem.

Dr. Hickerup.jpg
Mrs Trimitup Front Cover.jpg


When Sue spies a fashion magazine, she suddenly feels the need to update her hairstyle. Wielding magical shears which can create any hairstyle, there’s no telling what fashionable lengths Mrs. TrimIt Up will go to help Sue discover her unique beauty.


Dr. Hickerup and Billy make a second appearance in this award-winning winter-themed anthology! After struggling to host a spectacular Christmas party on his own, Billy eventually learns it's okay to accept help from others and enjoying one's friends is more important than trying to impress them. 

Winter Wonder cover.jpg
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