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Katherine Ladny Mitchell

Author - Speaker - Storyteller

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Specializing in narrative nonfiction,

children's books, murder mysteries,

and science fiction. 

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Praise for Narrative Nonfiction

"This story reads like the best roller coaster I have ever been on. I do enjoy the thrills. It had me hanging on to every word, crying, laughing, hoping, and over all beaming with joy. It took me back to the fluttering nerves of meeting a soon to be crush, and the heartbreaks when I was hoping for the wrong one."

"The message of this book is precious, and it is delivered in a winsome and "real" manner. The quality of the writing is first rate. We laughed, and we cried, and we were greatly encouraged."

                                      - Amazon Reviews

Writing to intrigue and encourage. 


"The reading of this journal-like narrative is a challenge to the single searching for a mate to be ruthlessly honest with God and themselves as they consider being single or married.


For the married, this is a call to fresh delight in the parade of providence marked out by God to give one of his little ones to another in the life transforming adventure of marriage."

- Joseph Novenson, Senior Teaching Pastor,

Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church

Praise for Children's Books

"Wonderful funny story with marvelous illustrations. Even if asked to read it again and again, you would would not get bored. Could span all ages and keep them interested. Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it."

                                      ~ Amazon Review

"The Up People series returns with the wonderful addition of Mrs. Trim It Up — featuring a hairdresser with remarkable abilities. The colorful illustrations and rhyming script will draw little girls into this fantastical world of creation.


"Bright, sunny, and with a wonderful message, this picture book will entertain and enlighten. I received this book in exchange for an honest review."

    - C.M. Huddleston, award-winning author of Greg's First Adventure in Time and others

Winter Wonder cover.jpg

"I don't normally go for rhyming books as the language can become rather forced and artificial, however this one was really worth it! Amazing illustrations; my youngest loved it!"

                                       - Amazon Review

"Kids and adults can enjoy this book - it's cute and clever and the illustrations are just beautiful! Destined to be a classic."

                               ~ Amazon Review

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