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"This story reads like the best roller coaster I have ever been on. I do enjoy the thrills. It had me hanging on to every word, crying, laughing, hoping, and over all beaming with joy. It took me back to the fluttering nerves of meeting a soon to be crush, and the heartbreaks when I was hoping for the wrong one."

"The message of this book is precious, and it is delivered in a winsome and "real" manner. The quality of the writing is first rate. We laughed, and we cried, and we were greatly encouraged."

                                      - Amazon Reviews

Don't Settle for a Fairy Tale

A True Love Story

People often think if they can just find the "perfect person" they will live happily ever after. But God astounded Jason and Katie by showing them that being a part of His story is far more romantic than pursuing any personal fairy tale. 

Although Jason and Katie tried to pen their supposed soulmates into their life scripts, their "perfect matches" always wandered off the page. That's because God had a bigger, better story in mind. 

Don't Settle for a Fairy Tale is an honest account of Katherine's romantic relationship with coauthor and now husband, Jason Mitchell. Her chapter, "An Enchanting Engagement" even won a Fanstory writing contest. You can find Don't Settle for a Fairy Tale in print and on Kindle at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com

"Don't Settle for a Fairy Tale is a unique take on romance and marriage. Jason and Katie Mitchell's pull-no-punches, honest narrative will give you a dose of reality with a touch of the miraculous. A great balance of real life mixed with that messy stuff known as love."

- Tim Reid, Pastor of Mosaic Church

"The reading of this journal-like narrative is a challenge to the single searching for a mate to be ruthlessly honest with God and themselves as they consider being single or married. For the married, this is a call to fresh delight in the parade of providence marked out by God to give one of his little ones to another in the life transforming adventure of marriage."

- Joseph Novenson, Senior Teaching Pastor,

Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church

"Wonderful funny story with marvelous illustrations. Even if asked to read it again and again, you would would not get bored. Could span all ages and keep them interested. Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it."

"Kids and adults can enjoy this book - it's cute and clever and the illustrations are just beautiful! Destined to be a classic."

"I don't normally go for rhyming books as the language can become rather forced and artificial, however this one was really worth it! Amazing illustrations; my youngest loved it!"

                                       - Amazon Reviews

Dr. Hickerup: The Hiccup Healing Man

After battling a stubborn case of hiccups, Billy turns to the quirky (yet brilliant) Dr. Hickerup for a cure. Once inside the doctor’s office, Billy begins a medical quest to discover which of the five hallway doors holds the answer to his hiccuping problem.

Along the way, Billy meets a playful giraffe, tea-drinking monsters, and four pretty peacocks. Join Billy and Dr. Hickerup as they discover which door holds the cure!

Dr. Hickerup: The Hiccup Healing Man is an adventurous children's book that will delight both children and parents alike with its rollicking rhyme, wit, and whimsical illustrations by Chelsea Spring. During an online promotional campaign, it ranked #8 on Amazon.com's top 100 free children's books for its age group. It is available in print and on Kindle at Amazon.com  and Barnes & Noble.com.

Billy got the hiccups on one dull and dreary day. 

And try although he might, they simply would not go away.

The Doc was famous in the town for all his fancy cures.

Eccentric, yes, but patients found he'd heal their ails for sure ...

"The Up People series returns with the wonderful addition of Mrs. Trim It Up — featuring a hairdresser with remarkable abilities. The colorful illustrations and rhyming script will draw little girls into this fantastical world of creation.


"Bright, sunny, and with a wonderful message, this picture book will entertain and enlighten. I received this book in exchange for an honest review."

                 - C.M. Huddleston, award-winning

                    author of Greg's First Adventure

                    in Time and others

Mrs. TrimIt Up: The Magical Hair-Dresser


When Sue spies a fashion magazine, she suddenly feels the need to update her hairstyle. Although determined to leave the salon looking far more glamorous than her former self, Sue soon realizes that Mrs. TrimIt Up's techniques are somewhat avant-garde. 


Wielding magic shears that can create any hairstyle, there’s no telling to what fashionable lengths Mrs. TrimIt Up will go to help Sue discover her own personal beauty.

As the feminine follow-up to Dr. Hickerup, Katherine dedicates this rhyming children's book to her daughter. Illustrated by the lovely. talented Chelsea Spring, Mrs. TrimIt Up is available in print on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com

"Oh Mrs. Trim," dear Sue began. "My hair is just a mess. 

"It has no volume, shine or sheen, no style or finesse. 

"But you can make me beautiful and smart-looking, I'm sure. 

"Isn't that what all your cosmetology is for?"

Winter Wonder cover.jpg

Winter Wonder: A Collection of Stories for Children & Young Adults


Dr. Hickerup and Billy make a second appearance in this award-winning winter-themed anthology! Winter Wonder features eleven stories from nine authors, incorporating characters from their longer works into a snowy, holiday setting. 

When Billy decides to throw a spectacular Christmas party on his own, he has no idea how difficult hosting can be. After rushing for hours to clean, decorate, bake, and wrap gifts before his guests arrive, Billy learns that it's okay to accept help from others and enjoying one's friends is more important than trying to impress them. 

“And in the background there will be a massive roaring fire.

“We’ll all sing Christmas carols with the help of hand-bell choir.

“Then I’ll give out the ornaments I’ve sanded and hand-carved,

“And for the final present, I will hand out hand-knit scarves.”


The doctor stroked his whitened beard, then raised a wary hand.

“It sounds exciting. But, oh my! There’s so much you’ve got planned!

“Perhaps you should do fewer things or ask folks to assist.”


“No, I can do it on my own. You see, I’ve made a list.

“I’ve checked it twice, and with my plan, I’ll pull off this event.

“You see it just comes down to well-thought-out time management ..."